Contractual Obligation

I am contractually obligated to have at least five cat pictures on my camera at any given time. Here is one of them:

Domingo, lounging

Domingo, owner of Larry, hiding away from the geeks (specifically Gavin) at gaming night. Taken with my new camera, which I shall write about shortly.




Or tear rather.

I would really like to get into this package before I commit acts of random destruction.


Nice to have a week off of knitting

It's been a week since I knited the Lusekofte, and some things I've been thinking of to make it better:

  1. Steeks - I'll probably create a larger sttek. I don't think the 6 and 7 are large enough for me. As well, instead of using thread to sew a stabilizer, I think I'll use a crochet chain.
  2. I think I'll add a waist shaping to it. It's a bit baggy on me (could be the large breasts), but I think with such ample assets, I'll need some shaping at the waist to make me look less blobular. The chest size is excellt, but the waist can be smaller.

It's definitely warm. I wore it yesterday evening to the restaurant. The double layers definitely added some warmth. It's a keeper which is currently being blocked out (yes, I wore it before blocking it. I was impatient.)

One thing I liked about this project was that it was knit in the round. It was much faster to knit than knitting flat and then sewing up. I still don't have a good handle on the matress stitch.

For my next project, I have in mind a nice V-neck slipover. Something geeky and preppy to go over my myriad of white Oxford collar shirts. Some shaping in the waist (I do have a waist, despite the wide tracks of land), and it'll be cute, yet practical. It'll probably be something I'll knit up from scratch, since I can't find a pattern I like or need. And it will be knitted in the round, because that's how I'm rolling these days.


Ice Munching Machine

The boat is back to munch up the ice. Forgive the photo quality. Resurrected the "good camera" since it could somewhat capture the awesomeness that is this machine. That's the closest I could get with the zoom + tripod.


I want one.


Sign of Spring?

Last night, men in boats tootled about beyond the bridge. What was once ice, is now open water. I wonder if they'll be back tonight?

Another reminder that I need to find a new camera. The phone one is not the best.

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