Found this on Fark:

Texas church bans child's photograph of Passion

This is the photo in question:

Station 7 - Jesus Falls for the Second Time

Amazing composition, and it captures the Station quite well. Jackson definitely is going to be an amazing artist.


Backyard Follies

So Stephen and I have decided to have a landscape company come in and tear up the backyard and put in patio stones. Let me show you why:


This is our back yard. Notice the piles of rocks that the lady before us left us. I have no idea what she was thinking when she landscaping back there. No idea at all. It's like some sort of Zen Garden, but without the wabi-sabi. It's not rustic; it looks like a vacant lot.

There's big rocks, little rocks, piles of sand...

and TWO layers of landscaping cloth.

There's only one purpose I can think of as to WHY there's all of this cruft and crap.

It could be because of the perrywinkle making its way through the yard. That got ripped out this weekend.

Or it could be because of this mess. Virginia Creeper. Yard and yards and yards of it. And this is what's left of Stephen's extermination plan last summer. The roots got everywhere, crawling halfway underneath our patio.

After Stephen dug out the rest of it, or as much as he could, we pretty much came to the decision that this crap needs to be dealt with. Fortunately, I'm just building containers for our garden, so we can move them. I should see if they can do the patio and the fence (another catastrophe) at the same time.


How Not to Do Things.

This is an example of how not to build a social website.

Conservatives' 'Cash Gordon' web campaign backfires

We can take a few things from this:

  1. Don't just bolt stuff on to a default template and publish it without testing it in a sandbox and knocking ht stuffing out of it. Else, you get people embedding javascript and HTML into your twitter hashtag, forcing redirects to other sites. Can you say RickRoll or goatse, or worse yet, buckets of malware on your visitor's computers?
  2. If you are syndicating a hashtag and publishing it on your site, you might want to pre-moderate it. Only reinforces the above point.

Now I'm not a massive security geek like some of my mates, but even I can tell you that allowing people to inject javasctip into your site through an unmoderated hashtag is, what we call in my line of work, EPIC FAIL! My network engineer would kick my ass if I ever did that to one of our websites.

Not to mention that the site looks like someone took every little thing that looks awesome and added it to the site. WHEEEEE! SHINY! It looks like shit.

Seriously. Do some focus groups and testing before you release stuff.



A few more photos

Still playing with Snappy:


Lusekoft clasps

Lusekofte Detail

Evil grin


New Camera and Seedling Shots

On Thursday, I took advantage of a sale and purchased a new point and shoot camera to replace my clunky dinosaur. While my old one did serve me well, it was growing exceedingly tempermental - closing its lens at inopportune times, flash not firing, images coming out all posterized. That, its lack of a decent macro zoom, and its 2 megapixel limit pretty much sealed its doom.

Spicy Globe Basil Seedling

I picked up a Canon PowerShot SD980 IS, and it's very nice. 12.1 megapixels, 4x digital zoom, a very large (3") touch screen back display. I feel like I've traded in a Pinto for a VW. Such a big difference. And it doesn't burn through batteries! JOY!


It's a very nice little camera. And its macro zoom is superb. 

Basil seedlings

The garden planning is coming along well. I found a good nearby supplier of cedar lumbar which will cut to length. So this morning has been planning out schematics and measuring the backyard. 

The snow isn't too bad out there, but it's covering some of the large rocks that the previous owner had put there in a futile attempt at landscaping. I have a rough estimate of the space I need, but once the snow's gone I can get a more accurate reading. 

I also have to do a metric asstonne of raking out there. Right past the patio stones is a six feet wide area still covered in rocks, pebbles, vines, and about two layers of landscaping cloth. That stuff needs to be raked up and flattened out. Hopefully between the predicted rain tomorrow, and the mild weather we're having I can get started next weekend.

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